Customer Stories

“My dog Kula, is 15 years old and recently she experienced the inability to walk for 3 days. We gave her a dose of Gaia CBD tincture for pets. Within 20 minutes she got up and walked around. I give her a dose every day and it's been 6 months. She runs and enjoys her outings even though she has arthritis in her hips and a limp. She is such a happy dog! Thank you Gaia!"

—  Sheri & Kula from Hawaii

"I wanted to let you know how good your product is. It works for my dog Sadie, when the loud airplanes go over the house for the air show. She takes the treat easily and it calms her down. I don't have to try and disguise it and have her spit it out, and it works without her being dopey. I'm glad I finally found something that works! It is worth every penny and I will be back for more, Thank you"

Lily & Sadie from Arizona



"Grampa Bodhi was fading fast... "Your dog is laying by the side of the road and can not get up. Better come get him quick!" That was the text we received one day on our way home.


We knew this was coming, after all Grampa Bodhi was a 14 years old pig hunting dog who we adopted 3 years ago when he was retired from hunting in the jungle of Hawaii.


Over the past few months we watched him struggle. Day by day he slowed down,endeavoring to get up on the steps to lay on his bed,walking with stiffness and even losing his balance and cognition of where he was and direction he was going. We were told that his days were numbered and he would get worse. It was recommended he be put down.


Grampa is not a dog you can easily capture and take to the vet, after all he  was a working dog with who suffered plenty of scars and trauma from his hunting days. Now we were faced with a dilemma, how do we help him or ease his pain when we can not even hold him.


That's when we began to search for alternative ways to treat him. Treat after treat he rejected. No matter how much we tried to hide medication in his food or offer him treats he'd reject them. Then one day we discovered Gaia Provides CBD treats, and as a last resort gave them a try.


We could not believe our eyes when he eagerly devoured them, no coaxing needed. In less than a week we began to notice he was able to easily get up the steps and within two weeks he was sure footed, oriented and no longer shaking. After two months of use Grampa is light on his feet, and even able to go on his walks in the woods again, and is even playing with the cats again.

We cannot thank Gaia Provides enough. The love you instill in your product, as well as the high grade of ingredients not only gives Grampa Bodhi a culinary delight,they have drastically improved his quality of life as well as giving us back our friend. Our family and Grampa Bodhi are eternally grateful. For those who are exploring the possibility of CBD for your pet, please do not hesitate any longer. It's worth every penny, your pet and your family deserve the best!"

Joanne, Will & Grandpa Bohdi from Hawaii


"If you are looking for a pain management alternative for your pets these are absolutely amazing. Our dog is 13 and due to old age suffers from some obvious joint pain. After using the product for only a few days he was acting like a puppy again."

The Brady Family & Spot from Arizona


“Thanks again for the samples!! Riley loves his treats. The pet salve works great on our Border Collie Jack's ear where he has an issue. And, I got bitten by something on my leg and have a rash so am using the people salve and it is working wonderfully! So happy to have found your amazing products...I will no doubt be a faithful customer."

Alison & Riley from Arizona


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