Our Hemp-dervied CBD Mini Bath Bomb pack offers you a variety of dosing and scent options! With each mini bomb being 25mg of active cannabinoids, you get a total of 125mg per pack. 


Never tried our bombs before and not sure which to go with? Then choose our mix sample pack, which includes one of each of our flagship scents. Know your scent already, prefer just one? Then select our single scent pack. Or try our newest collection Bombs of The Desert, with each bomb bringing you a unique scent and feel from the Sonoran Desert.


It is recommended for those with severe aches and pains, inflammation, insomia, arthritis and nerve pain and those who just want a nice relaxing experience. All bath bombs are hand crafted with high quality ingredients and theraputic grade essential oils, dry herbs/plants, soothing oils such as jojoba and borage.

5 Pack Mini Bath Bombs

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