About Our Campaign

Gaia Provides is growing fast, and we need your help to raise $60,000, in order to purchase the necessary manufacturing equipment required to keep up with the increasing demand for our CBD Pet Chews. Currently our chews are all crafted by hand, a very labor intensive process taking over 100 hours a month to create these delectable Chews.


So why a campaign? We chose this option for a few reasons. First there are inherent challenges we face in the hemp industry, making it difficult to seek traditional sources of funding. But we also believe in equality, sustainability, and organic growth. Crowdfunding allows us to grow a company striving to increase equality, while staying women owned and diversely operated. It also allows us the freedom to continue to make equitable and 

sustainable choices when it comes to things like community building, employment, eco-friendly packaging, and sustainably built supply chains to name a few. And ultimately an independent campaign allows our customers and community supporters to play a direct role in our company and the community we help build.

To-date we’ve sold 3000+ bags of our Pet Chews since our product launched in 2019; improving the quality of life for hundreds of dogs, cats, and even horses, helping to relieve discomfort, provide joint health support, and even calming the most stressed pet.


We value the importance of community and believe every pet should have access to a better life through holistic health and wellness. For this campaign, we have partnered with 3 amazing rescue organizations as our way to give back to the rescue community. Part of every contribution and purchase will go directly to our rescue partners to support them as they continue to save hundreds of more shelter pets who often are in need of serious medical help due to abusive or neglectful situations. 


A healthy community requires a solid support system and ask you to consider making a financial contribution to this campaign, because it really does take a village. Thank you for sharing and supporting our campaign, Pet Chews For A Cause.




funding goals_edited.png

Funds will go towards:


  • Manufacturing equipment to automate production 

  • National Animal Supplement Council Certification 

  • Veterinary Cannabis Society Partnership 

  • New molds to improve pet owners CBD administration 

  • New eco-friendly packaging 

  • New logo and label designs  

  • Every Rescues Perk  selected = 1 bag of Chews for the Rescues


Ways You Can Support

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Support comes in a variety of ways, and we appreciate any way you choose to support our campaign.


There are 4 ways to contribute to our campaign:

  1. Share this campaign with your friends, family & community. If you are not able to make a financial contribution you can still support this great cause by share this campaign. Post to your social channels, tell your local newscasters and reporters, and business associates.

  2. Make a financial contribution through our contribution button or venmo @GaiaProvidesLLC (contributions are donations made to the campaign)

  3. Shop Packs, purchase an early bird or pet pack for your pet. They also make great gifts for that pet lover in your life!

  4. Shop Rescue Perks, by purchasing a rescue perk a donation of 1 bag of Pet Chews will be made on your behalf to the rescue of your choice. Can't pick one? Then selecting the Rescue Trifecta Perk will ensure each of the three rescues receive a bag of pet chews for a rescue pet in need. 

Every human and pet-to-be benefiting from this campaign truly appreciates your support! Regardless of the type of support, part of every contribution and purchase will go directly to our rescue partners.

Thank you for sharing and supporting our campaign, Pet Chews For A Cause, because when you provide, Gaia Provides.


Meet The Rescues!

Each Rescue will receive monetary proceeds from every dollar you spend, meaning that money goes directly to our rescue partners whether you purchase a rescue perk or not. Purchasing a Rescue Perk benefits the rescue EVEN MORE! The selected rescue will receive 1 bag of chews for every Rescue Perk purchased! Can't pick just one rescue to give to? Don't worry we have the Rescue Trifecta Perk that will ensure all 3 rescues each receive a bag of chews for your contribution. 

Along with monetary goals, another major component of our campaign is to raise community awareness about shelter pets in need. By educating people and making them aware of the situation we hope to curate a sense of responsibility for these amazing animals in a way that actively reduces overcrowding in shelters through educating and training individuals about responsible animal ownership, what that looks like, and the role we play in reducing the number of animals at shelters.