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Mama Whyte



When my cattle dog mix, Mama Whyte, turned 12 I got Gaia, a spunky 4 month old puppy. After losing her life long companion, my old dog’s spirits seemed to be revitalized with Gaia. As much as she wanted to play and participate, even with high doses of pain and inflammation medication, she just couldn’t keep up.

Desperate to relieve her pain I started to search for alternative ways to treat her. After hearing about CBD from a friend, I decided to give it a try. With in 2 months she showed significant improvement, and not long after we were able to take her off all the medications she had been on. Soon she was  playing and keeping up with Gaia.

I was thrilled to find something that worked for her, however it was still a challenge to deliver the CBD to my picky eater. This is when I decided to create a delicious

treat first and foremost, and combine that with the benefits of Cannabinoids, from this grew Gaia Provides, a holistic small batch company providing a CBD treat your dog will eat! Now almost 15, Mama Whyte is on a healthy daily regimen of CBD and still howling strong!

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