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Gaia (pronounced Guy-ya), in Greek mythology, is the personification of Mother Earth – interconnected, nurturing, healing & providing. Gaia Provides is a holistic, Arizona small batch company, creating handcrafted health and wellness products combined with the benefits of Hemp derived CBD. Treat your pet & yourself to the holistic benefits of cannabinoids!

We believe in sourcing sustainably and locally (as much as possible!) We source some ingredients from the local University, others from  a co-operative based in Oregon, and  all of our Hemp based cannabinoids are sourced from Organic US Industrial Hemp farmers. We use all industrial hemp extract which contains less than 0.3% THC and all of our products are THC Free.

​​Our Standards

We believe in maintaining consistent, quality products, and utilize a triple testing method for quality assurance. Product batch samples are sent to a in-state credible laboratory with industry educated chemists and experienced staff. All of our batches have an associated batch number with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure consistency in products and proper milligrams (COA's available upon request).